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Instrumental solo (either composed or improvised) played on a guitar. Normally played over a middle eight or the chorus of a song.

Enjoying early popularity in 1920's blues and jazz music, the guitar solo was thrown into music legend in the 60's buy guitarist such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.
Jimi plays a mean guitar solo
by jefah January 13, 2005
The part of a song that for some reason shit nu metal bands cannot seem to comprehend. Usually about a half a minute to a minute of guitar, usually accompanied by a repeating drum beat. For some great examples, listen to Eruption by Van Halen, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, God Of Death by Slayer, or Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd.
look up guitar solo on google video to see some fucking sick playing.
by ThroatSlit February 13, 2006
what makes metal real metal
most nu metal has no guitar solos (yes, that was a diss)
by zack423 October 01, 2006
A long forgotten, and awesome part of music, that is all but dead nowadays.
"Dude, whatever happened to the guitar solo?"
"I dunno man, these ****ing wankers nowadays don't even know"
by CK791 December 13, 2007
ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT HEAVY METAL! Mosh pits are made during this!
by Squeky Clean December 07, 2004
A type of statement or act, whether verbal or physical, that conveys a sense of pride in honor of the performance of said statement or act, that is by its nature cheesy, sappy, and excessive. A Guitar solo is almost always followed with a "heh" or a noise or action with similar exclamatory meaning.

More applicably, someone can actually "be" a guitar solo if they make a statement or behave in a way that has become so desperately conventional or standard as to render the statement or behavior cheesy, sappy, and excessive (think motivational speakers).

"Heh, gonna pick up Lisa later, take her for a ride in my Hemme truck and get road dome heh."

"Heh, you city boys and your two-wheel drive trucks are no match for my Ford 4x4 and its killer towing capacity, heh."

"Dude, how many times did that speaker say 'in this economy' and mention how we needed to 'get er done' in order to get out of the recession?"

"I know dude, that guy was such a guitar solo. I seriously just wanted to start playing the air guitar right in front of him."

"It's not about staying up, heh, its about getting up after you fall down, heh."
by dannyg5 April 27, 2009
Wanking yourself off. A reference to "strumming the guitar" which means sex.
Person one: Hey, wanna play COD4 later?

Person two: No mate, I havent strummed the guitar in ages so I put aside some time later for a guitar solo.

Person one: Dude, ew.
by yakuzakitty April 19, 2009
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