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the face that you make when you play guitar hero. Typicly when you stick your tongue out to one side or the other and squint because the notes are coming to dam fast
that dude has the guitar hero face
by brennaneyl November 20, 2007
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Guitar Hero face is the face that you make when you play the game (normally when you are strugguling on a difficult part.) Right about the time when the little flinches kick in.
Dude you have the funniest guitar hero face i've ever seen.
Have you seen Barrett's guitar hero face? Its great!
by Tyler Colvin January 19, 2008
When your completely lifeless
staring at the TV screen blankly with your mouth open
completely unaware of your surroundings
Bob: Jim! Snap out of it, you have your guitarheroface on again

Jim: Huh?! What!? Ohhh.
by Trojan_Freshgirl May 22, 2009

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