Unhappy, Unhealthy, chain smoker, disorganized, wretch, very lazy.
Dude, you're a fuckin' wretch... you're Guille!!.
That guy never goes to class, he's Guille.
by Charlie Pritt October 29, 2009
Top Definition
a goth your-a-washin that has a poor command for the english language and secretly plays soccer in the cloak of night;

someone who is immune to heat-stroke so it is believed that all guille's come from the core of the sun;

guille's wear nothing but black no matter what the temperature is outside;

when guille's walk, they make jingley noises therefore making them easy targets for ancient hunters who killed most of them off
a guille matin call/battle cry is SOOKHER! SOOKHER!
The act wherein two homosexual men cover their backs in spaghetti and proceed to eat ground beef from eachothers' scrotums.
Oh man, I can't get the taste of sack out of my mouth after that guille last night. Also I think I'm catholic now.
by defaggio May 02, 2011
A Super Awesome Satanist who is not any of the things stated by jerusalemavengerofthe5thcentury alaskatits. Well the not being able to get heat stroke part is ture. Also guille is a ninja. No soccer involved. At all.
Guille is super awesome.
by fralalala la la la la fart October 13, 2006
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