A measure of how much of a guido a person is. There are three levels of guidosity: Pauly D (total guido) Tupac (skinny ass white boy) Pussy Ass Niggas (Eminem)
Bro 1 : Dude I got a fuckin nattiac after goin to my boy jonnys house for some milf and cookies. got so much fuckin dome from that skanky assbitch
Bro 2: Shits for real brah. Where was she at ?
Bro 1; She lives at the Jewsey Shwoe. Names sharon or some shit like dat.
Bro 3: Dude youre such a fucking guido. You pick that pussy up in a bar ?
Bro 1: Obvi brah. Boner in the butt.
Bro 2: Youre guidosity is at such a peak now. I'd say you could even fuck Snookie
Bro 1: Wtf? nigga ill rape your black ass
bro 2: Obvy
by guidobro69 November 18, 2010

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