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Any italian american Guido. Who is over the age of 24, lives at home or in an apartment paid for by his father. Drives a BMW, Mercedes, SUV or any other luxury/sport vehicle in one of his parents names. Possibly a previous or current Steriod user. Has a rich family but is a civil servant (refered to as their union gig) Little or No college what so ever, but apparently knows "i gotta doo the right thing ya kno". If not a civil servant this person works for a family owned company. Ie: Construction, Landscaping etc or Had a bussieness bought for them outright. Some other jobs may inlcude selling realestate, mortgages, waitering, disc jockey, working at a shady country club.

They can be found in the Bronx (Morris Park, Country Club Throggs Neck) Others can be found in Westchester, many from Harrison and Eastchester. Many of these unevolved human beings live on Garth Rd in Eastchester.This defintion was developed because of the particular people there who are living examples.
Maria: Omg of course I will give him head in his 745 he's hot he's got muscles, his own apartment, and biz.
Christine: Omg Maria he is so guido trailer park. None of that is really even his, daddy does everything for him. If it wasn't for his family he would be just another piece of shit
by Westchester Observer September 19, 2006
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