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Diabetes in a carton.
Worth it.
I just drank a gallon of Guers Iced Tea and my foot fell off. Its ok because I have another.
by HiFriend November 11, 2007
Schuylkill county's official roadside trash and sheer bliss in a wax-paper carton! The words "iced tea" are typically dropped such that locals know exactly what is meant by Guers...
Yo bott, head down to da Brok-Sels and pick up a coupla cartons a Guers Iced Tea and some Millers Hot Baloneys...
by A Skook December 11, 2007
the best fricking iced tea ever.....only located in Schuylkill county also known as shook..

Guers iced tea is das shit
by ben greenawalt May 07, 2006