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synonymous with good. used in place of the word in any case. to be used in the opposite way, gucc negative
It's all gucc.

This is some gucc pizza.

Have a gucc day.
by berta&vinny4ever March 08, 2010
45 13
Used in all contexts for all things. Primarily used to identify awkward people/things/body parts.
I am so annoyed, that little gucc has been following me all day.

I can't go to the gym guys, my gucc is hurting really bad.
by Dr Gucc May 18, 2009
23 24
Fake/ Snide sunglasses
look at my Guccs from the market...well look like Designers!!!!
by Nokka May 30, 2008
4 5
One who has diesel lips and enjoys shoveling poop on the weekends w/ his lips. Some one who is "gucc" likes 2 fuck babies and playing pool with his one testical. ALL THE GIRLS ARE WITH HIM!
man that kid is ugly, he must b realted to gucc.
by john doyle June 17, 2003
12 54