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'a Gubbins' -a person posessing 'Gub' -that indefinable thing that sets some apart.
Yes Gubbins, pomme de terre my good friend
by Gubbins August 09, 2006
9 47
general clutter, stuff, a collection or assortment of unconnected items.
He had a lot of gubbins in his backpack
by Mavmaramis June 30, 2003
156 49
The innards / innerworkings.
That fox got run over and all its gubbins oozed out.
by Dave_Abbeywood February 07, 2006
66 40
Gubbins = stuff.

A common expression in Northern England, and the better parts of the rest of the world.
Neil: "Where's the 27mm impact socket?"
Zippy: "It's over there on the floor, next to that pile of welding gubbins."
by Antiseptic February 07, 2012
30 11
Objects of little or no value. A word frequently used while moving houses, e.g. "I can't take it any more! All these gubbins to sort out!"
nick nacks,garbage,small toys, pictures,books,pencils,utencils,paper,Gubbins etc......
by rebel#4 April 29, 2011
20 12
A gubbin is someone who on occasion acts like a vagrant.
"You wouldn't believe his parents own a mansion would you? The gubbin!"
by M.Russell July 13, 2004
9 9
A surname used in the UK to 'pass off' or satisfy someone who is pestering you for information. 'Gubbins' is mainly used when individuals need a quick answer to questions they do not wish to entertain.
'Hey, can you get me guest list for Saturday?'
'Yeah... use Gubbins at the door'

'Do you know who is responsible for the coffee machine in this office?'
'Yeah... I think it's Gubbins'
by Spud was out last night? September 09, 2013
2 3
gubbind: the gubbins is the location where the shaft of the penis meets the scrotum
bro i need to shower my gubbins is ultra sweaty
by jef jeff July 09, 2010
16 47