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V. The act of spilling mayo on oneself and eating it.

usually occurs when one is eating a sandwich at lunch that is filled with excess mayo
Kaitlin: Did you hear what happened? Christina pulled a guando at lunch. It was soo disgusting!

Allison: Hey Christina, I heard you pulled a guando yesterday at lunch.

Liz: Hey Christina, how did you get that stain on your skirt?
Christina: Well Liz, I pulled a guando at lunch.

by K-Berg January 01, 2008
1. Pertaining to, or resembling semen.
"Oh man! I got guando all over my threads, that chick ain't gonna want none of this now, sheeeeeeaa!! I was lookin' fly too"
"Bill asked Monica how she could be so callous as to not have washed the guando off of her dress."
"Man have you seen Danny De Vito recently? Man, that dude looks like a guando with arms and legs"
by Michael Cowen March 09, 2007
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