The one, the only GUAG
by dav May 17, 2004
Top Definition
(v.)-GET UP AND GROOVE (g.u.a.g) to get up and dance, shake it, and move it to an infectious tune, song, or beat. Sometimes one can have specific dance moves while guaging.
1."I guaged my heart out to that song."

2."Let's guag..NOW!"

3."I just guaged" Response: "naturally"
by GuagRevolutionForLifeee February 02, 2010
A noun/ or an animal god.
Your such a guag!
by Squaggg November 23, 2011
The term guag is generally used to replace a word when one does not know what to say.
1. Hey John, what the guag is going on here?

2. Person 1: Yo, I heard Joe has a date with this girl tonight. Person 2: Yeah, I heard she's an ultra guag. Person 3: Hellz yeah!

by The Guager August 03, 2009
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