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1. G.U.A.D.A. - (Gamers United Against Discrimination and Harassment) An anti-bullying video game association

2. A stuck-up-idiot
1 - GUADA released a new article about online harassment today, you should read it.
2 - That professor is such a guada.
by Huellybx November 23, 2014
A pretentious cunt
FB User 1: "What is up with that dude constantly being a grammar Nazi?"

FB User 2: "I know right...he's such a Guada."
by The Don 01 July 23, 2014

1. A hurting kid that comes to visit you at college, but just sits in the corner the whole time and ruins the weekend.

2. The kid that is somehow in your group of friends, that is a really poor athlete and only gets invited to events out of pure desperation.
Who invited this kid, he's a total guada?
by pornogil May 21, 2010
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