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"Guacket" is the combination of "guac" and "pocket," referring to the small, localized region of a poorly-made burrito that contains all of the guac in said burrito.

This is commonly encountered when ordering a burrito from BlewDoba or Shitpotle, where the guac is delivered in an over-priced flick of the wrist, landing as a single ball typically located at one end of the burrito. The result is an essentially guac-less burrito, waiting to blow its fat green load in your mouth when you least expect it.
Jim: Hey dude, how's your burrito?

Doug: Not bad, but I can't taste any guAARRGGHH*SPLOOOGE*CTHHSPLXCTZX

Jim: Finally hit that guacket, huh?

Doug chokes to death trying to swallow the burrito's unruly green load.
by canpakes July 27, 2011
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