Got to go
Dude i gtg l8r
by scott sasaki July 27, 2002
GTG IS GOTTA GO its a word saying i need to go bye !
Gtg will chat later. , gtg home moms calling me every second sorry!
by aditchotu October 21, 2013
Abbreviation for "Get together" - a random social event usually after work amongst cohorts or associates. Useful when texting or emailing.
Sup ya'll going to the GTG after work?
by ab5sr August 30, 2012
Going to "Get Some". As in get laid. As in "Omg Dustin I ,Andy, Am totally gonna geee some.
(person #1)Lets make random acronims. ok! i'll go first GTGS. what does that stand for?

(person #2)I know this one! Going to get some!
by Freaky Green Project April 14, 2008
The socially acceptable way to stop talking to someone that your tired of talking to. Originally is meant "got to go", but 95% of the time it is used nowadays it simply means i want to stop talking to you.
"Do you want to here about my english paper" Joel
"Ah sorry gtg" Me
by PotomacThug March 03, 2012
Guess the Girth. A game in which players guess the girth of a person's waist. The person who's girth is being guessed is generally fat.
S: Check out the chubster over there. GTG.
I: idk what do you think
S: 48 inches obv
by shoshofosho September 06, 2012
to gob the goop
as in a 100% blow job
I know she will GTG
by indianbullet September 08, 2010

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