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A guy who is just happy with himself. He has friends, sure, but prefers his own company sometimes. Very sensitive, can have his feelings hurt from a single sentence. Is very intelligent, usually top of his class or close to it. Likes video games, and movies. Is a bit of a loner when it comes to romance. His friends like him, but that's just who he is. Nick, in short, is a shy, gentle, sensitive guy who will open up if you gain his trust and get to know him.
Guy 1: hey did you see that guy Nick?
Guy 2: yeah he looked kinda lonely.
Guy 1: that's just him, he likes his own company.
by GtG June 30, 2013
A quick way of expressing "got to go". Commonly used in IM exchanges.
fireg@l23:so anyway, i sucked that dick over and over

sandy54:then what happened?

by gtg October 17, 2004
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