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Go Suck An Egg - To encourage an opponent to piss off and attempt something stupid. Eggs in some context may also refer to testicles. 'Go Suck An Egg' is often more commonly acceptable in the work place instead of 'Come and suck my balls' or 'Go suck a cock'.
Developer: I cannot think of ONE advanatage , nay , REASON why you'd use fat32 instead of ntfs
Developer: oh wait - you're cuckoo
Developer: thats one
Sysadmin: How about, I didn't initialize and write the disks.
Sysadmin: How about, Engineer uses them to format the blades.
Developer: bah
Sysadmin: How about, stfu.
Sysadmin: KTHXBYE
Developer: ooooh
Developer: gsae
by Sysadmin August 30, 2006
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