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1)When a straight girl has a non-sexual "crush" on another girl; idolization.

2)One who is the object of such an infatuation.
"My friend owns every Gwenyth movie ever made (even "Emma"). She totally has a grush on her."

"Every girl is infatuated with some other woman that she is not interested in sleeping with, whether it's a movie star or the cute bartender with the gorgeous skin. Who's your grush?"
by melissa March 02, 2005
1.Cross breed of Girl and Crush. 2. Like a bromance except female version.
grushing, grushed
Girl 1: "Where's Aria and Julie?"
Girl 2: "Building sandcastles..."
Girl 1: I bet you Aria is so grushing on Julie and Julie doesn't even have a clue what's happening!"
by CareFreeUnicorn September 25, 2011
When someone aquires a loose asshole that becomes infected and is filled with thrush and a huge wang with a chubby asian woman projectile diorehea-ing all over everything, even herself.

Man, I grushed all over your mum!
yeah? well I ate your dads grush while your mum gave me a tubgirl.
by Thrush Face December 15, 2004

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