noun and verb poop

from a misreading of "to kill a mockingbird" when they poke under the bed with a broom handle. a grunt under the bed.
A. hey, cover for me, i'm on cigarette break!
B. huh uh. you just had one.
A. yeah, i know. i didnt want to say, i'm actually going to do a grunt.

oooh, did you see that nasty grunt in the shitter? it didnt flush!
by dr. roland james nesbaum III October 18, 2005
Originally used to define untrained general soldiers. Can be used to identify people in groups who blindly follow the loudest, or even the person standing higher than everyone. Fairly mindless and will believe almost anything that they're told.
Guy: See that Kate? She's been writing hate posts about me for a while now, she dosen't even know the real reason why.

Guy2: She's such a grunt bro.
by Kanonymouse March 22, 2011
A rather extremely unattractive female, whose looks are so unappealing that the sight of them leaves you trembling in fear. Associated with the sound of grunting. Similar to a minger.
Guy 1: let's get out of this club it's full of grenades.

Guy 2: What's that in the corner? Holy shit it's a heard of grunts! Run!
by Minihulk September 06, 2014
A strong but basic Warcraft III unit that is under orcs.
"Train your grunts, and kill the footmen and their archmage!"
by ThrallTheWarchiefOfTheHorde January 20, 2015
Referring to US Marine Corps Infantry personnel. GRUNTS are anyone with the MOS beginning with 03 as in 0311 (Riflemen). The term originating during World War II to abbreviate the term "Ground Reinforcements Untrained," referring to tons of troops being sent to combat with little training. The term has taken on a more affectionate meaning for our killers in the Marine Corps Infantry today.

The term GRUNT also refers to those doing their time commitments and getting out during the Vietnam War; as opposed to Lifers who were career Marines.

The term POG is the opposite meaning "Personnel Other than Grunt"
Army dude: Man you GRUNTS are tough!

Marine GRUNT: Stay out of our way before you catch one between the eyes ya damn Hoo-Ah

If John Wayne was a Marine he'd be a fuckin' GRUNT.

POG: Damn I have so much paper work to do

GRUNT: Stop bitchin' you fuckin' POG
by Born2Kill_USMCdotMIL December 16, 2009
an infantry soldier (perhaps from the sound that one makes when doing heavy labor)
I am not going to become another grunt like my brother did.
by Light Joker April 08, 2006
noise commenly made by the male species which may or may not be made while answering a question or when they are suffering from chronic constipation
Jill- so how was your day?
jack- grunt shudup i'm constipated
by *** November 15, 2003
in electrical transmission work, that is poles and wires, the man on the ground who supplies parts to the man/men working up the pole is called a grunt
tell the grunt to send me up one ell one blanket (rubber blanket) and six lag bolts.
by south pac flash May 26, 2009
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