A person who insists on being different but doesn't realize by doing this , its actualy making themselves more common.
Also speak in fake (poor) American accents.
You laugh at me because im different
I laugh at you cause your the same
by Liam September 08, 2003
somebody who likes such music with guitars, drums and the sort in, such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, My Chemical Romance, KoRn, Metallica to name a few. Normally seen in jeans (baggy?) and a band hoodie. They dont care what townies, (or chavs as they are more widely known these days) think.

the arch enemies of grungers are townies. townies are normally seen outside the closest Mac Donalds (notice the word outside) or alternative mass meeting place, sporting their tracksuits, schott hoodies and burberry caps,with vocabularys rangeing from "ya mum" to "ah,your gay!"

another name for a grunger is a mosher, from mosh pit.
chav #1: oi, look that guy wearing black. he must be a goth.
chav #2: yer bruv. 'e is. look, 'e aint wearin no tracksuits.
chavette: oi, u 2 stop bein so well out. hes obviously a hobo farmer. it says KoRn on his hoodie instead of Shott or Reebok or nethin.
chav #1: oh, yeah.
chav #2: heh heh, look at this. OI!! MULLET! YOUR MUM!
grunger: its not a mullet you socially retarded moron!
chavette: i think hes startin' on ya mum...
Grungers DO NOT skate! skaters skate!(duh), Grungers listen to rock (all kinds!) except pop rock! and emo! Emo's for EMOS! and pop rocks for wanna be avrils! (GAH)
grungers are normally guys, but there are plenty girl grungers (like moi HAHAHAHA)
How to tell if some-one's a grunger :
1. They wear baggy clothes, hoodies, chains, and t-shirts with band names on them (usually!)
2. They don't say innit or blud! (because they aren't retards)
3. Most grungers play an instrument, wether it may be a guitar, base or drums! it doesn't matter! (most grungers sing if they don't play an instrument)
monobrow chav (mbc): hey look at that stupid grunger, GET SOME STRAIGHTNERS FRIZZY GIRL
other chav : hehehehe (pathetic obviously fake laughter)
Marc the unicredible (mtui) (me) : like i wanna look like you, and anyway i don't really care what my hair looks like! retards
mbc : obviously
other chav: ye like so obviously!
mtui : don't you mean obvious?
other chav : er
mbc : SHAUP
mtui : huh?
JAMES! : SHAUP init blud gimmie sum gangsta luvin blud!
mtui : oo im up for that! (and off goes marc the unicredible with James the wonderboy and we go do things! cough)
by MARC the unicredible May 09, 2005
a greasy person who has long hair that never gets washed. grungers wear really baggy trousers which i supose they think look good. they always walk around with a bag on their back which probly doesnt actually contain anythin its just there to look 'cool'. if they are cool enuf to skate they will also either have a skateboard in their hand or strapped to their bag. they always assume that anyone who isnt a grunger is a townie.
if u wana see a grunger just go to your local skatepark thats where they hang even if they dont actually skate
by rich December 23, 2004
Grungers are a group of people who listen to good music such as Nirvana (not only nirvana though), Audioslave, Soundgarden, Bullet For My Valentine and other bands from the metal and rock genre. They treat chavs like they deserved to be treated but do not often hurt them, but be warned they will if provoked. They wear baggy jeans, skater shoes and often a black T-Shirt/Hoody with a bands name on it such as Metallica or Slipknot. They generally get on with everyone well and like hanging out with each other. Avril Lavigne is NOT a grunger. She is a poser.
Chav: Oi! Retard piss off now or me n ma blut will smasha!
Grunger: Get lost. Now.
Chav: Yes Sir. Sorry Sir.

by TheThingKills July 26, 2007
A group of people who do exactly what they claim not to. They go around saying - "We're grungers, we don't follow anybody's fashion rules - we wear what we want" (or something similar) And then they go and spend all their money on baggy trousers and boxes of safety pins in order to look exactly the same as their grungie companions. Then they go and make fun of the people who do exactly the same as them but with tight trousers and gold earrings.
(The only grungers who this does not apply to are the ones who don't go around saying "I'm a grunger".)
Grunger - "Shit! I've run out of safety-pin-money!"
Towny - "If you stop making fun of me I'll lend you some of my gold-earring-money"
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
Not afraid of 'townies' or pikies as we call them here but they need a hair cut. They actually run away a lot. probaly more scary then'townies, mainly cos of smell
not what u mean but my little bro goes around wiv long hair, spike every where & he finks he rules the world.
by edward April 16, 2004

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