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After eating at the Harris Millis Dining hall at UVM, the rumble in your stomach, followed by feeling nauseous. Can include grundle shits the next day.
Damn dude, that grundle pizza made me feel kinda shitty. I think im about to get grundled.
by Curiousity3 December 11, 2011
A feeling of general laziness, lack of motivation or tiredness - that could be overcome if you really gave a damn.
After a big night out, I woke up hangover free but feeling completely grundled. So I bought some KFC and watched a couple of videos.
by systematicd October 27, 2008
to become extremely angry, causing your grundle to heat up to very hot temperatures
The way he looked at me got me so grundled.
by Herbert White October 27, 2008
adjective used to describe a spooner that is doing homework or being lazy instead of going out
Samir and Matty are grundled up for the night.
by booya December 20, 2004

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