The worst and most disgusting word ever.
Ew. Don't ever say grundle again.
by Ian January 18, 2005
Grundle was the name of a member of the Condors MC, from Armidale NSW Australia, said to have got a part as an extra in the iconic australian biker film "Stone".
Didja see Grundle and Charlie Choo Choo at Impies last Fridee. Fucken pissed to the eyeballs. Hope no cunt run inter them on the way home.
by John May September 10, 2004
Another word for a trundle bed.
Hey man, your sleeping on the grundle tonight!
by Texas Turner February 22, 2008
Not the gooch (the space between the scrotom and anus) as most people, but it is the hair that grows on the gooch.
Girlfriend: If I'm gonna toss your salad, you have to trim your grundle.
by Brian P. April 06, 2007
A very large 'Fupa' (See Fupa definition if unclear). This condition is characterized by a Fupa so large it hangs below the knees while seated. The grundle is elusive, but can commonly be seen at state fairs, amateur and pro wrestling matches, and any establishment serving fried dough, with or without powdered sugar.

When looking for the grundle, keep your eyes peeled for:

1. Looney Tunes and/or Alf shirts
2. Heavy, tried breathing and weezing
3. French fries in a cup
4. Dirty children (Often found orbiting the grundle)
5. Hazard level B.O.
Aunt Mae can use her grundle to sweep the floor.
by Bill Ullom May 03, 2005
the guch
Ross evans likes to shoot on his brothers girlfriends grundle an lik it all up!
The fold between a womans ass and her thigh
I pooned those grundles last night.
by Cliff December 03, 2004
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