the art of pulling down your pants and smashing your testicles and anus down on the head of a passed out human repeatedly.
Luke puked in the frying pan before passing out, so Nate gave him a grundle
by weiser May 02, 2005
Its your Nacho Area. No cheese...
It's na-cho balls an' na-cho ass!!
by Sweety McSys April 13, 2005
The large mass below one's dogan. Also see tundle bundle hundle.
My grundle was smacked with a baseball bat.
by Ryan July 08, 2004
The little pieces of pooh and underwear lint that get caught in the hair around your anus.
My Grundles were making me itchy, so I picked them off.
by Bud Green February 07, 2004
The lowest of the low, a worthless member of some caste. A word to describe things that are pathetic, grundle should not be confused with the real word pronounced the same way, Grundel. Fuck Grundel.
"Georgia Tech is the grundle of the college world," or "Kenny is the grundle of the homeless world." Also a good candidate for overuse, if only to aggravate those around you.
by Hunter October 01, 2003
the nasty, sweaty, hairy, smelly, juicy, luscious, tastiest part of the body which lies between the cock+balls and the arse.... hey ladies-(it feels really good wen you lick it)
My grundle tickles when my girlfriend julie touches and licks it hard while playin w/ my nuts
by Steve-yeh-yeh-theman June 12, 2003
The part of the body between the skin flute and vegemite valley. In men this part of the body is usually hairy and sweats quite profusely. In some cases the grundle is also known to be the source of many dags (faeces mixed with hair)
"David fuck off! There is no way I'm nibbling the dags out of your grundle hair"
#gooch #taint #dirt strip #poo forest #grundel #grundl #grundell
by Jimmmmy October 03, 2006
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