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Underpants; a diminution of the rhyming slang 'Solomon Grundies' = Undies
Must go to Marks and Sparks to get some new gruns!
by tigpig March 09, 2011
The cheesey discharge from an unclean vigina, which has crustated on the outer viginal flaps.
I am not going down on you until you clean that grun off you!
by neal December 22, 2003
To leave in order to take a smoking break very quickly.
Everyobody G-run now while we still can!
by Imallvol7 April 19, 2006
A road in a perpetual state of war. By far the most violent and dangerous place in the world, inhabited exclusively by gangs, paramilitary factions, and primitive cannibal tribes who all kidnap outsiders and sell them to one another as food or sex slaves.
Niggaz dont be fuckin with me. They can tell I be from the G-run cuz I smell like badass.
by IRSC July 14, 2011
Slang term for Randomness, or plain nonsense

Vipjemon battles often contain a lot of Gruns.
Hah i went to a pub last night and everyone was grunzed
by jerunsvis January 21, 2004
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