Pronunciation: Grum-pee. The act of breaking wind; flatulence. A slang term for having particularly foul smelling gas; a nasty stinky fart.
1) Dude, who busted that nasty grumpy.
2) He floated a grumpy in class. Stunk so bad even the teacher left.
3) I suppose if I have to I can live with Bill's farts, but when he floats a grumpy it makes my eyes water and I have to draw the line
by lost in Iowa April 02, 2009
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slang term for the act of defocating.
Dude! don't go in there... I just took a grumpy man!
by Ragnar October 24, 2002
1. An imaginary disease that causes one to be uncontrollably emotional.

2. A word used when you can't excuse your bitchy behavior with "I'm PMSing" because you used it a week and a half ago.
I'm sorry I snapped at you today, I just have a bad case of the grumpies.

by Evelynne November 30, 2007
A turd left for someone else to find, either in an unflushed toilet or in a more creative location.
The manager made me stay late and clean up, so I left a grumpy in his desk drawer (or the sink, or the coffee maker, or the printer, etc.).
by OldOllie February 23, 2010
act of dumping in toliet and not flushing, resulting in a pleasant surprise for the next user
I left a nice grumpy at my girlfriends house, it was classic.
by blahblah March 13, 2005
Greedy young urban professionals.
The grumpies told the reporters that they knew they were overleveraged and they didn't really care; they were proud of it. They wanted the leveraged lifestyle now; they deserved it and they would do whatever it took to get it.
by Elise Miller October 14, 2008
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