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Just a cool word to say. best used with MMM infront of it. just say " "MMMM gruffy" do it in a low voice and let it trail off.
man1:Hey i got some popcorn for us.
man2:MMM gruffy :)
by Ali G's Main man Alex January 10, 2005
A word to describe something or someone that is very gross looking almost to resemble a hobo.
#gross #scruffy #gruff #gruffy #hobo
by notgruffy August 15, 2009
Fucked Up, Messed Up, Wrecked, Generaly Totaled, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
1. We got gruffy in da parking lot after the club let out!

2. Dat bitch was trying to get gruffy cuz her friends was wit her
#haggard #crunk #crazy #hyphy #rough
by ya know55 May 18, 2010
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