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A couple who are terrible together.
Chad and Jen are a gruesome twosome alright. Inseperable, and insufferable.
by Circushead June 29, 2006
Two out of control males that are like a car wreck waiting to happen but you can't turn away from. Involved in Shameless self promotion, could care less about what people think, and bring the thunder.
Troy and Dan are the original Gruesome twosome. May have taken a little bit from the Bash Bros, two cory's, and the Hilton's
by clegd July 27, 2009
1 - A really ugly couple who reflect eachothers ugliness,

2 - And ex who is seen with a new squeeze.
1 - ''eww, who are they?''
''That's the Gruesome Twosome''

2 - ''OhMyGod, my ex is over there!''
''Is that his new girlfriend?''
''Gruesome Twosome, much?''
by Katana B August 12, 2009
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