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An outing, usually consisting of four people, similar to a double date without it officially being a date. (As heard on the OC)
Seth, I am too big of a pussy to just take this girl on a date, so can we make it a group hang?
by Reb and John December 06, 2004
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when usually around 6 people hangout together until late at night. some of the people in the group may be attracted to the other people in the group and will give eachother massages. mis-understandings will happen between two people of the opposite sex in the group and will result later in regret. group hangs are really fun. The people in the group may also make a game plan on a t.v.
1.Oh boyy this is soo much fun, hanging out till 2 am!! I think this shall be called the group hang!
Lucy is sitting with Joe, even though she likes Ned.
Lucy likes Ned, but doesnt think that Ned likes her.
Which in fact, Ned likes her, and wants to be with her, but doesnt think Lucy wants him. And Joe is with Lucy, so what could Ned do anyways?
by Livers. December 21, 2005
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