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a female who is well-built with athletic legs and rear-end, with a well-rounded chest. A woman who is not super-skinny.
I talked to that groundround all night.
by standard June 23, 2004
A midwest eatery. From their website:

The Ground Round Grill & Bar is a good time meeting place where family and friends can gather to enjoy a wide selection of great food and drinks in a comfortable, relaxing setting - all at very affordable prices.

In reality, it's Applebees with different branding.
We ate at a Ground Round last night. Meh.
by James Kaz July 11, 2005
The act of a male recieving oral sex while the donor(domer)has a mouth full of fresh ground meat.
Yo that fat bitch the other night gave me some kinky Ground Round sloppy joe style dome. It was the shiznit!
by Smoothy Smoothington June 28, 2006
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