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Adjective. A word hybrid between groovy and 'non-confrontational', usually uttered as an expression when one slightly beyond cool and slightly below 'infinitely freaking spectacular' is required.

It is worth noting that while this term is altogether suitable for colloquial and 'feigning interest' uses, it is unsuitable for sarcasm because it invariably sounds sincere. No, really.
Bob: Check out this Flash movie, Dave!
Dave: Hot shizz Bob, that's flippin' groovetational!
by Brian the Goldfish March 12, 2005
Like cheese, only less so.
I had a groovetational sandwich.
by jimbob 11 March 13, 2005
Like cheese, only less so.
"I had a groovetational sandwich."

"Tough luck, I had cheese."
by jimbob 11 March 13, 2005

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