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the world's coolest online music streaming site
Yo! Did you find T-Pain's new hit song or that sick Olivia Newton John song?

Yeah. It was all on grooveshark.
by FCplains December 18, 2008
A service on the interwebs that lets you find old songs you loved and forgot about and new songs you didn't know existed. This is completely free, it's like limewire but you don't have to download anything and it's legal.
Hey John have you gotten V.I.P on grooveshark yet?


Me niether.
by mooted July 15, 2010
When you have sex with the person you really want to be with rather than settling for sex with someone who possesses similar traits or features (pandora-ing).

Based on Grooveshark. the online music streaming site where you can hear the exact song you would like to, rather than someting "similar" (such as Pandora).
"Adam lost interest and I started having sex with someone similar because I missed him. Then, the other night he called me and it was total grooveshark until the early morning. Yes!
by mindyspark May 28, 2011
Groove·shark \ˈgrüv\ · \ˈshärk\

1. to use the internet site to search for, stream, and upload music
I haven't heard Def Leopard in forever, Grooveshark the shit out that.
by ginger bottom September 15, 2010
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