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grods - verb. Australian slang for the act or process of turning something of already very low value into complete shit.
Using free twitter and posting fake twitter accounts of people you hate.

"I have, like, 20 of these and all the same people follow my fake tweets."

"You're, like, totally grodsing it, lamer."
by Farfur September 25, 2009
A bicycle, push bike etc. Used in the Dronfield area, a place which is also known as Dronny or the Dronx.
Lets head down to the tree swing,on our grods
by BBB's in the house December 23, 2012
Adj. Something that is sexually amazing.

Pronunciation: 'jE·'räd
"That chick in the bar was so grod."
by Michael McHenry October 10, 2007
Adj. Something that is sexually disgusting.
"I find clown porn to be very grod." or "I refuse to speak to that grod 26-year-old who is dating that 15-year old."
by Andrenny Jurkeson. September 11, 2007
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