A GROC is a person who is a member of the gang "GROCS"outside southern california.
"Get that GROC,he just stole my taco!"
by Bleicha January 30, 2008
Top Definition
a muscular or well built person
he's a bit of a groc!
by Dean and John May 08, 2006
1. Name for somebody (usually a man) with a nonchalant-i dont care attitude
2. Somebody who uses slang with an italian accent.
3. Someone who drinks excessive amounts of alcohol in cooperation with numbers 1 and 2.
Yo don't be a G-roc fool.
by smifty cent January 24, 2007
-Groc'n (V) is the art of messing with another ones brain. As in giving them brain anurisms.

-Groc (N) is someone who always messes with people
Charles-That dude is so gay
Groc-Yeah hes pretty gay too
Charles-I just said that dude
Groc-Thats what im saying man
Charles-...Quit groc'n bro
by G to da Roc August 04, 2008
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