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Adverb. A word which describes a person who grabs squishy things with their hands in a claw-like state. The word is commonly used to describe people who grab breasts in a creepy way.
Gavin is such a grobber. Last night when we were sleeping together he had the creepiest expression as he grabbed my breasts.
by simon2k6 July 21, 2011
Noun that describes a person that steals and/or destroys the hopes, dreams, future, success, glory, etc., of a larger group of people or an organization that represents said group.

Originates with Greg Robinson, a head coach of Syracuse University's football team, who oversaw the dramatic collapse of a once-successful athletic program.

Can also be used as a verb.
It had taken three years. Three long years. But finally, Robinson could look out upon the ruins of that hated city, once-proud, once-powerful, now covered by the cold, falling snow. The foolish denizens of the city-state of Syracuse shivered among the broken pillars of their desolate city, once again staying home another winter, whispering to one another around garbage-can fires in dimly-lit caves, whispering only:

"The Grobber has come."

And now, the Syracusiai could only eye with fear that once-sainted ground where the Orange had stood, the Holy Dome, now perverted to the Grobber's mysteries. He had taken their glory. He had molested their city. He had Grobbered their dream.

The Grobber turned from the window to face the figure behind him. The cracked expression barely conveyed the dementia encapsulated within the deranged mind of his round, globular companion.

"Otto," the Grobber said, "Inform the Conclave. Begin the invasion. The time of the Crab People is at hand."
by SKim172 August 05, 2008