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a clever way for two white people to call a black person a negro, without the negro being aware of the conversation.
that guy over there is a gro-ne.
by R S D August 07, 2006
noun- pronounced "grow-knee"

A clever word I came up with to describe my brother, although being white as hell, talks like he is a 'gangsta'.
'Grone' is the word 'negro' with the syllables switched to mean/represent a white person who acts black. Essentially a back-wards nigger.

'Your white on the top, and black in the middle, and white on the bottom, OREO!'
Jules:' Hey Grone, here's your watermelon. I picked the seeds out for you."

A: 'iight,Good lookin nigga'
by Jules-e-baby June 19, 2009
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