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A shortened version of grody, meaning gross, disgusting, icky, poopy, or any other word you can think of meaning distasteful or unattractive. It can also be used to describe a grody person, such as a hobo, a really ugly stripper, your ex-boyfriend, a really annoying president, or any random person you may see on the street that you'd like to casually make fun of with your friends.

Gro-gro is essentially two words, not one, which are linked together by a magical hyphen. Gro-gro can be written with or without the hyphen, but using the hyphen ensures that saying 'gro' twice is not a typo, an indeed purposeful.

'Gro-gro' is © to Befera, because she made it up while at camp.
"Ew, it's a gro-gro!"
"That guy over there is such a gro-gro."
"Did you know that your mom is sort of a gro-gro?"

"That's pretty gro-gro."
"Why would you eat that? It's gro-gro!"
"That's probably the most gro-gro thing I've ever seen."
by Befera July 06, 2008
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