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When one is using a form of dipping tobacco, specifically Grizzly, and you get those damned stragler pieces stuck between two of your teeth. it can be only one, it can be five... regardless of the number, no amount if rinsing is going to get them out, and one can only resort to a knife or boxcutter, floss, etc. to get it out. Ladies don't like it...
"Yo is Ant still using the welfare bear these days?"
"Yeah I saw him yesterday walking to computer class, same dip, same ol' grizz tooth."
"Shame, shame."

Lady: "what's that between your teeth?"
dipper: "oh, IDK, not too sure..."
Lady: "oh... oh no... oh my god... is it... could it be!? yes, indeed it is... that's GRIZZ TOOTH!!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET FACE CANCER!!!"
by chudly adams February 22, 2012
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