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The act of taking a large iron cast pan full of hot grits and dumping it on someone's head and then hitting them with the pan.
The angry wife played grit ball with her husband's head.
by cameltoe360 March 29, 2008
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a really nasty person. worse than a grit.
"steph, STAY AWAY FROM HIM. he is a major gritball."
by lauren August 31, 2003
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Term for a Redneck, Country person ETC.
That guy is such a gritball! Look at the tire in his front lawn!
by Austin1313 March 27, 2009
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when a pitcher pulls out his tin of dip and sprinkles a little bit of tobacco on the seam of the baseball so he can throw a wicked screw ball
when the batter had full count joel decided to throw a screw ball, but to really throw off the batter he threw a wiked grit ball and that boy stuck the hell out
by gritter69 September 24, 2008
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