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Holdin a SLAB havin woodgrain steerin wheels.
I was grippin grain,
then make it rain but laws bust my SLAB!
But I don't give a fuck!I just try to get buck!
by Lock_Out July 10, 2008
riding in a clean car normally with leather seats that has a grant stearing wheel in it which is normally made of wood.which the wood is called "grain" and your griping it while you drive.
you see me riding in my caddy grippingrain.
by suga ray eastpoints finest January 24, 2007
holdin an turning the woodgrain steering wheel on a car.or slab
im grippin grain n dat caprice my nig..
my slab holdin, plus im grippin grain ya digg
by d-mane April 16, 2008
A slang term that mean to masturbate a man with a small penis-- hence "grippin" means to masturbate, and "grain" refers to the smallness of a cock.
Sally: Hey Nina, I heard you got a new boyfriend.
Nina: Yeah. His name is Arnold Shwarzenegger.
Sally: Ohhh, you like grippin grain, aye?
by Leah McCar April 19, 2008
a homosexual reference in the African American "down low" community, originally coined by Mike Jones, used to describe a handjob that is delivered surrepticiopusly under the table at a night club by another man who is pretending to "mack" on some hoes.

Origin: The Bay Area
Part of Speech: Proposition
Gay Black Man: "yo mayne, you Grippin grain??"
Me: "Hell naw, my tree don't fall that way!"
by El Jigro Sanchez April 14, 2006
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