A portmanteau of grey and ginger. One who once had ginger hair but has since faded to steely grey.
Bill: Hey you're ginger aren't you?
Bob: Not any more. I'm a gringer these days.
by MonsterP January 03, 2013
Top Definition
One who goes ass-to-mouth; used as a polite and discreet alternative to saying ass-to-mouth when in public.
also: gringe (v)
Guy 1: "That girl I hooked up with last night? Total gringer."
Guy 2: "That's hot, I love a girl willing to gringe. I always keep Scope on the bedstand just in case."
by AsaNYC January 01, 2009
To be gringered means to
Be raped via telepathic powers
Aaron hasn't been the same since he was gringered
by SexiBoi68 March 25, 2014
a combination of grim and ginger, used to describe a particularly aweful person with ginger hair.
She was buck toothed, saggy titted unshaven red head. Yup, a complete Gringer.
by The_Swift June 18, 2011
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