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the skin between your balls and asshole.
I have one hairy grindle!
by J June 06, 2003
verb- when you use too much saliva rolling a joint, and the glue does not burn at the same rate as the paper, effectively providing an ashtray underneath the doobie for the ensuing ash.

noun a grindle is the joint resullting from grindling
Verb- Oh, Damn , I grindled that fat one!

Noun- Hey pass me that grindle, bogart!
by upsidetheflipside June 19, 2010
The line that runs across the middle of your balls.
Hey, my groid hurts.
by Adolf May 20, 2003
total whore; skank; slut; unattractive cunt
OMG she was all over her man, she totally pulled a Grindle.
by Lindsay March 25, 2005
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