Grindcore is an extreme form of hardcore punk and heavy metal, related to both death metal and crust punk, but historically formed by combining elements of Hardcore Punk and early thrash metal.Grindcore is characterized by extreme speed, brutality,increadable screams/growls which sometimes are used in conjunction with a pitch shifter, discordant guitars and intense blast beats. The genre was pioneered during the early 1980s in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil by bands such as Sore Throat and Napalm Death. In the United States the genre has their roots with proto-grindcore and hardcore punk bands such as Siege, DRI, Cyanamid, Deep Wound and Repulsion.

Many of the early bands, such as Napalm Death, DRI, and Siege were seen by their contemporaries as part of the anarcho-punk and hardcore punk scenes. As many anarcho-punk and peace punk bands in England and hardcore in the United States had already incorporated elements of heavy metal into their music.

Over time grindcore has evolved into many many sub genres and has also hybridized with death metal to create death grind. Grindcore has proven somewhat difficult to categorise. Some fans and musicians have a firm concept of genre and subgenre, but others reject such categorisation as limiting or useless.

There is often significant crossover from one category to another, and often the influence of non-metal music is present.


* Political grindcore: This subgenre is known for having politically aware lyrics, and is sometimes associated with the crust punk and peace punk movement. Of all the subgenres of grindcore, this one remains the most musically similar to the earliest grindcore bands. Examples include Nasum and Napalm Death.
* Porno Grind a sub genre similar to gore grind which can have perveted lyrics that focus purely around sex or can mix perverted lyrics with gory lyrics. The often but not always pornogrind bands use pitchshifters and have low pitched gargling vocals. Examples include Cock And Ball Torture, Regurgitate and Gorgasm
* Power violence a lot like grindcore, drum-wise and vocal-wise at times, but leans more to being faster sounding hardcore. Widely considered a sub genre of hardcore, equally if not more.
* Goregrind: This subgenre started with the band Carcass, and is most notable for having gore obsessed lyrics, and pitchshifted vocals.
* eGrind (also referred to as Cybergrind, Digital Grindcore, Digigrind, or Midicore) is a form of grindcore that, aside from the instruments used by ordinary grind, uses computer generated sounds and/or drum machines and other synthetic instruments. Typical bands in the genre are lightning fast with shorter songs, usually under 2 minutes and sometimes use samples.
* Death/Grind: Death metal with heavy grindcore influences, or vice versa.
* Noisecore: structure-free grindcore, with feedback, hateful lyrics and general disregard for musicianship. For example Anal Cunt, Genital Masticator, Rutatron.
Some Grindcore bands include the following

* 324
* Agathocles
* Agoraphobic Nosebleed
* Anal Cunt
* Arsedestroyer
* Asterisk*
* Bathtub Shitter
* Benümb
* Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
* Bile (Netherlands)
* Blood
* Blood Duster
* Bodies Lay Broken
* Brujeria
* Brutality Reigns Supreme
* Büfo
* Carcass
* Cock and Ball Torture
* Creamface
* Cretin
* Cripple Fetish
* Cripple Bastards
* Dahmer
* Denak
* Destroy and Disrupt
* Exit-13
* Extreme Noise Terror
* Extreme Smoke
* Fear of God
* Garbage Guts
* Godstomper
* Gore Beyond Necropsy
* Gronibard
* Haemorrhage
* Hymen Holocaust
* Impetigo
* Lakupaavi
* Last Days of Humanity
* Maggut
* Magrudergrind
* Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay
* Misery Index
* Mixomatosis
* Napalm Death
* Nasum
* Nyctophobic
* Old Lady Drivers
* Patareni
* Phobia
* Repulsion
* Rhino Charge
* Rompeprop
* Rot
* Rotting Flesh
* Rotten Sound
* Sanity's Dawn
* Sewn Shut
* Sexorcist
* Siege
* Sound Pollution
* The Kill
* Total Fucking Destruction
* Tu Carne
* Unholy Grave
* Unseen Terror
* Vulgar Pigeons
* V.N.A.
* Warscars
* Warsore
* Words That Burn
* W.B.I.

by Time Traveler April 11, 2006
Glorified noise
Grindcore isn't music.
by Metal rules noise sucks May 20, 2009
Grindcore, often shortened to Grind, is a genre of extreme music that developed in the mid-1980's. It draws on the heaviest and most abrasive of music styles, including Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk, Industrial Music and Noise Music. Grindcore bands are commonly made up of a simple vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer line-up. Grindcore songs are typically short, rarely lasting more than 2 to 2 and a 1/2 minutes long, with many lasting only seconds. Guitars are downtuned, heavily distorted and usually only played with simple, short, repetitive riffs, or without any consistent riffs at all, sometimes being completely improvised and played randomly up and down the neck. Bass playing is for the most part the same. Drumming is chaotic, sometimes deliberately out of time, and characterised by the use of blastbeats (look it up). Vocals are usually screamed, growled or barked, but unlike distinct vocal styles from other genres such as Deathgrowl and Screamo, which are still quite abrasive and sometimes inhuman-sounding but intended to convey some understandable meaning, Grindcore vocals are often completely unintelligible, with no audible distinction between vowels and consonants, syllables, and even whole words, with some of the more extreme vocalists performing several lines in one long scream, with no syllabilic definition and only slight pitch shifts to indicate different words. The Birmingham, UK band Napalm Death, started in 1985/6, is widely accredited with being the first Grindcore band, and their debut album Scum is regarded by most as the first Grindcore album. Since then it has diversified into many subgenres, often defined by lyrical themes than musical differences, such as Goregrind, Pornogrind, and the electronic offshoot Electrogrind.
You go to the Grind show yesterday?

Johnny: Grindcore is nothing but glorified noise.

Jimmy: Who made you the final word on what music is and isn't?
by 5m1thy August 04, 2009
A style of music developed from 80s hardcore. Pioneered by such bands as Napalm Death, and Carcass among others.
The music is characterized with very fast guirar riffs, and even faster drums, together with incomprehensible vocals (Some bands use high pitched screaming, some use low pitched growling).
Contrary to popular belief, Grindcore IS NOT METAL. Some bands are, if they are mixing in elements of Death, Black, or other forms of metal, but Grindcore itself is not metal, since it evolved from punk music, and not any style of metal.
Ed Gein, The Berzerker, (early) Napalm Death, Circle of Dead Children
by Velvokai May 22, 2005
A so called genre of music which incorperates disgusting lyrics, "growls " of some sort, and loud boring guitar riffs.

The lyrics usually have to do with dead bodies being ripped apart, or live people being mutilated and killed for some sort of sexual thrill. For example, the bands like torsofuck, slugathor, fondlecorpse, creamface, anal cunt, cock and ball torture, circle of dead children, dying fetus, and many other emo motherfuckers that think they can make "music." The names of the bands are fucked up and weird as it is, but than they have to add some lyrics about ripping dead bodies apart and cutting their vaginas apart.

The "low metal growls" that people are calling them are not music whatsoever. It takes no talent to do those kind of noises, which sound like mixtures of burping and a demonic orgasm. In three days i could do something that soundly pretty close to some of the bands I've heard that people on the internet say are great. They aren't great, and this is a horrible type of music.

The guitars are loud and boring. Plying the same notes over and over just getting louder to show that they have talent, but they don't. Whoop dee fucking doo, i can play guitar hero, and you can play three notes on a guitar. Wow, fucking stupid retards.

Dont think that other genres like these are differet. Grindcore is similar to goregrind, pornogrind, and many others. Most genres of music with the word grind or core are not good. They are just some freaks worhshiping satan.
Gay emo ass motherfucking faggot- DUDE! listen to this grindcore band, torsofuck! they're fucking awesome, they scream so hardcore it's so cool.

normal guy with good taste in music- *listens for ten seconds, takes out headphones, slaps GEAMF across the face* THAT"S NOT FUCKING MUSIC! THAT"S BURPING AND THE GRUDGE HAVING AN ORGASM! *slaps him again and walks away*

just so you can know how fucking up this shit it, here's lyrics from torsofuck's Mutilated For Sexual Purposes

I cut off her arms and legs
Blood spills from the stumps
Ripping out her guts makes me horny
I stuck my cock in her mouth
I saw off the head and cum
Anal double fistfuck
The bitch is done
by AntiGrindCore May 10, 2010
A sandwich prepared by old men who can't find work in other places because they got a bad referral due to the fact that they burned down their cubicle on the last day of work, and are forced to work at a sandwich shop, mostly purchased by emo folk.
Danny went to the store to eat his grindcore in peace, away from the CIS class's emo-bashing.
by Tom Overkill December 08, 2005
A musical outlet for those with no musical talent. There is often no timing or key signature, as these would take practice and work, and a moderate amount of talent to use successfully. They often contain screaming instead of singing, because it would take talent to write and sing lyrics. Basically, you'd get the same musical experience from listening to the audio of a train wreck.
I taught four monkeys to play grindcore....well, I didn't teach them anything, i just gave them instruments and let them do what they wanted. They're getting signed.
by music123 August 05, 2008

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