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to agree to a (usually coinflip) prop bet but back out at the last moment.
anyone wanna flip for $100? no grimstarring !
#douche #poker #angle shoot #grim #grimstarr
by CaptainBusto September 30, 2006
7 Words related to grimstarr
grimstarr, grimmed. Of pizza faced nature. Male with erect penis not exceeding 2 inches. Genenral ghey activites. Douchebag.
so then we went to 'do-it' and i looked down and was like...what a grimstarr. see that dudes face...its like the moons fucking surface..what a grimstarr. that dude grimmed me off..what a grimstarr
#grim #douche #grimstarr #pizza face #grimmed
by stan darsh August 18, 2007
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