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Grimmichi is a yaoi pairing from the anime/manga series, Bleach. Grimmichi is a shortened name for grimmjowxichigo. Usually in grimmichi fanfiction or doujinshi Grimmjow is the seme while Ichigo is the uke. Though there are a FEW that have it the other way around. *cough*itmakesmoresensewithgrimmyastheseme*cough*
A:"I wth there was more grimmichi doujinshi avalible for download!"
B:"I know, but Im sure if we look enough we can find some!"
A:"Maybe someone will be selling some at the next anime convetion"
B:"Seems like the only way to get oyur hand on ood grimmichi doujin's tese days."
A:"Indeed, and it sucks."
by QueenOfThyLemon August 26, 2009
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