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To be Grim. To obtain the highest level of grim.
Jake: "Whos so Grimbo?"
Jimbo: "Im not Grimbo, your Grimbo"
Jake: "Jimbo is so Grimbo"
by Patrick and Jake Mazard July 25, 2005
An ugly chick who will fuck anybody
Dude, I got so drunk last night i took some grimbo back to my room and nailed her!
by Adolph Oliver Nipples November 06, 2003
combination of two words: Grim, meaning ugly. And Bimbo, meaning a girl with loose moral character and less than average intelligence.
I drank twenty beers last night and woke up with some horrible grimbo next to me in bed.
by Lou Stenspayce December 24, 2003
An insult, meaning short, ugly, retarded and a various amount of other meanings that you can attach to the word Grimbo.
Rob: God Annette is SEXY
Ali: You'll never get her your such a Grimbo!
by Frost Shock February 21, 2010
(n) A homeless person
Grimbo over there stuck his foam cup out and asked me if I could "spare some change, brudda?".
by Rod Munch August 11, 2004
K-Sull, word meaning careless of looks, life, or what other people think of him.
Dude grimbo's got some bomb trees
by ksull January 07, 2005