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a penis which curves to one side, giving it the shape of a sickle (the Grim Reaper's weapon of choice).
Look at that fool! He's got a Grim Raper!
by rapeartist January 18, 2005
54 21
A sad rapist. usually because they feel guilty for raping the person.
wow, what a grim-raper
by annak-applek June 18, 2011
7 0
A man, who finds it pleasurable, to ejaculate on the ashes of the deceased. Other forms of this include rolling the ashes into a joint, and smoking them inside your pee hole, or snorting the ashes into your asshole, using a bendy straw.
"Hey son, I have terrible news, I got totally shitfaced, and accidentally snorted grandma's ashes into my asshole. I'm so sorry I'm a Grim Raper, but in my defense, it felt fucking amazing. Promise me you won't tell mommy that i jerked one on her dad's grave."
by somerandomasshole April 16, 2014
1 0