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Longitudinal rifts of skin on the scrotum resulting from exposure to cold temperature or preferably upon being fully drained by a female companion.
Susan left me with serious griggles - it was great!
I call her 'The Griggler' because she always takes my sugar.
by TimShark January 09, 2008
To smoke pot. A broad term, including: bingers, jays, bowl hits, etc.
Yo, you wanna griggle then hit up Wendy's?
by El Doctero September 15, 2006
A noun for the monster under your bed that eats your homework.
Did the griggles eat your homework?
by Mr. Dragon April 15, 2014
To giggle and wriggle at the same time. See griggler.
Wow, she's having a good old griggle over there.
by Tannedstamina July 16, 2008
A word made by a Starfish who hands out words during IRC meaning "Shpox Rules".
Snoop: Fo shizzle mah weasle griggle
Freddy: Word
by Weebl April 01, 2005

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