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1. A Greek man who thinks that he is ghetto, or Black.
The grigga wears lots of Fubu.
by The Dude April 09, 2005
a retarded example of southeastern English vernacular meaning simply

'Crisps' or 'Potato Chips'

Widely considered to have originated in the backwater town of watton at stone.
get us some griggas will ya?

hey man i'm so hungry from bmx-ing all day i could use some griggas
by watton_tard July 28, 2009
a person of greek origin/descent who you consider to be your "nigga", good friend, and/or homie.
Example 1

American dude: Whats up?

Greek friend: Nothing much just getting ready to smoke an L, wanna join?

American dude: of course I do my grigga!

Example 2

Greek dude 1: what's up my grigga
Greek dude 2: whats good grigga
Greek dude 1 and 2: (unanimously) lets smoke a blunt!
by M&Attack May 31, 2010
A Greek Nigga, often used when referring to a Greek that attends the Metropolis of Boston Camp.
hey grigga, FPH wants to see you in his office, tora
by skatafest June 27, 2006
The most hottest greeks ever to exist. Mess with them and they'll fuck you up! oo yea n you don't want to be on their list...
Kristina and Rhea are the two and only griggas!
yay yay

Griggas bitch!
by Rhea March 12, 2005
1. a gray nigga (a gray person meaning in between the colors of black and white)
2. a work used by a black person to insult a gray person
3. a wigga who tries to pass off bein part black just cause they gotta good tan
bp:wha the fuck are you
g:fuck you
bp:shut the fuck up grigga
bp:thats what i thought bitch
by your only grigga November 19, 2004
A green nigga. Referring to an Orc in any game. They are often discrimiated against, especially in Lineage 2.
N.Shree: Planz u a grigga.
P.Lanz: I no, bt u r gey.
N.Shree: PNGTFORN, fgt.
P.Lanz: Ait, im go floot.
N.Shree: Gtfo u grn ppl.
by eedddeeee April 30, 2006
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