Top Definition
1. One who griffs
2. A tall, skinny lizzard-like creature that lurks in the shadows of the band room.
3. An American who attempts to become emperor of another Asian country (China)
Griffler! How many times do i have to tell you? DON'T LET PEOPLE STICK THINGS IN THERE!
by Pointy Hat April 26, 2004
1.)Bandius Grifflarius
2.)Greek God of Sex
3.)Emperor of China
4.)One who Griffs
5.)One who rocks out on the trumpet
6.)Part of the Weed-Allen-Griffler triangle of craziness
7.)Lives in the band room
guy: "oh man, griffler is sooooo cool"
hot girl: "like, griffler, is like, the hottest guy around!"
by Griffed April 27, 2004
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