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A small wave on a sandy beach. Larger than the smallest possible breaking wave but not above the knees.
I was going to go surfing, but there's only gribbits today.
by Trolley2000 January 21, 2012
(1) The act of milking a Gerbil or hampster and using the liquid extracted as lubricant whilst jerking off.

(2) When one Gerbil mounts another and starts to have intercourse.

(3) When two people do it, gerbil style.
EX(1): Dude, last night I gribbited my hampster, its so much smoother than baby oil.

EX(2): Hah, look at those two gerbils/hampsters gribbiting.

EX(3): Hey Baby, lets gribbit!
by WastedWeasel September 10, 2009

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