Known as the bigass monster that eats guys for the hell of it from the English epic, Beowulf. Something referred to as Grendel has to be big, dangerous, and dominant. It can be a hungry fat guy, a relative of Jabba the Hutt, Britney Spears-Pregnant Style, or even the moustache on Wilford Brimley. Whatever it is, it's disturbing to the general public.
1.) Hey little Billy, you better stop hangin' around with that Grendel, you might suddenly be absorbed.
2.) Dude, that guys got Grendel on his face!
3.) It's Grendel: Live on Broadway, starring the pregnant Britney Spears as that...thing.
by knowledgeman October 04, 2006
Top Definition
A large beast from the epic poem Beowolf. Hates music, light, and having its arm chopped off.
Grendel terrorized an entire fortress until the hero Beowolf slew it.
by Suerte April 06, 2005
A large roommate who enjoys sleeping on the floor, eating chocolate and killing innocent passers-by. Can be found in dark spaces lurking for you to get home.
Oh shit! Grendel's hungry!
by C-zizzle February 17, 2008
An antagonist from the epic poem Beowulf, recently rendered in movie-form as a somehow sympathetic foil character resembling, as quoted on IMDB by some guy; "A decomposing, half-reptilian Joseph Merrick on crack". He has awful neighbours, a bad case of swimmer's ear, speaks in bastardized Old English, and suffers a fatal dismembering by some naked drunken man nobody was paying attention to. Easily the only thought-provoking character in that entire film, if you weren't busy being hypnotized by Angelina's nippleless mind destroyers.
"Guess Grendel doesn't care for miss Menzel's singing, poor ol' cad."
by Some undead guy November 29, 2007
Noun: 1. A term used for undergarments worn for an entire business day that will more than likely need to be peeled off by the wearer as soon as he or she gets home.

2. Undergarments that must be taken off immediately one is able to do so in order to feel comfortable--usually giving off faint odor.

**In most cases, grendels have been worn longer than 12 hours or are crafted from unbreathable fabrics. The worst grendels are the ones worn underneath panty hose for 8+ hours.
After a long day of teaching tennis, Mark had to peel off his sweaty grendels and hop directly into the shower before doing anything else.
by geniusH August 05, 2006
A female of a most certain significant level of haggardness; a female who possesses high levels of cellulite and rolls while containing more than one chin; a beat chick.
When Nick sobered up, he realized that he had fucked a Grendel.
by megahoner69 December 09, 2009
Slang term for The Green Door medical cannabis dispensary.
Joe: Im going to go to Grendel & get me sum ah dat platinum og kush

Jim: Whats Grendel guy?

Joe: Shut up faggot!
by Ronaldoe November 13, 2011
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