grem can mean anything depending on the context of how you use it
Dude, that party was so grem!

i'm sorry your entire family committed suicide because they hated you, you must feel so grem
by darkchampion April 02, 2012
Top Definition
one who is full of gremness (evilness!)
resembling a gremlin
the grem rem
Renee you are such a grem.
Yo Grem, whats up?
Gremmy Gremmmy Grem!!!!
by Renee and Dan November 19, 2006
Geordie word to desribe the action of clearing one's throat of mucus. Can also refer to the resulting mucus ball.
Here, divvn't step in that grem there, pet
by marvellousmonster January 08, 2011
Ugly, Gremlin looking person.
Eww... Cher is such a grem
by qftp January 13, 2011
GREMS (noun)

The small percentage of marijuana that never gets smoked.
1) The grems on the table that are around the rolling tray must be cleaned up before the inspection.

2) When Wally is out of weed, he will try to collect the grems out of the carpet so he can pack a bowl
by GDelight April 12, 2010
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